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Mobile Business DIY

One very important note about today's post is that there is no DIY, it takes a community to build a business. You take the lead but rely on your community, serve your community, and connect with your community because community matters.

In the meantime, here's a helpful check list.

  • Dream up your business name.

  • Get your business license.

  • Get your sellers permit.

  • Get your food safety certification.

  • Purchase your mobile truck or trailer.

  • Find your commissary kitchen.

  • Get your insignia by passing inspection. Some trucks already have an insignia, you won’t need another.

  • Connect with your local health department.

  • Get your county health permit by passing inspection.

  • Reach out to as many small businesses near you and introduce yourself.

  • Check out local events and introduce yourself to the coordinators.

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