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How to keep journaling: Writing Prompts

The best way to stay enthused is to have a list of writing prompts and start right away:

Had a wonderful time connecting and learning... starting my journaling challenge today! –Jenny Y O

The best self-improvement technique is right at your fingertips...literally. Grab a pen and a notebook (or sketchbook) and start writing. In early January, I had the privelage of leading a journaling class called Empowerment through Journaling. From speaking to the participants, I learned that we all have A LOT going on. If you can relate, what I say to you is this:

Journaling can be very helpful to your mindset and to your physical health too!

Whether it's a quick sketch, a long to-do list or a full on entry, writing it down helps us process, plan, and proceed in a more efficient (and sane) manner.

Sometimes, we don't know how to begin. Writing prompts in your journal before hand can help. I suggest writing these prompts about 2-3 pages apart for those days you feel like writing, but don't know what to write about.

Writing Prompts

Supplies : Have them Handy

Everything you need to have handy for a good journal entry. Here's the list with options:

  • The same journal (every time!)

  • 1 pen or pencil

  • Markers (optional)

  • Highlighters (optional)

  • Washi Tape (optional)

As you can see all you really need is your journal and something to write with.

Prompts : Ideas and Instructions

Pick a prompt. Add the prompt to your page. Skip a few pages, write the next prompt. One journal entry time can be dedicated to writing prompts, so get your highlighters, markers and Washi tape out.

  1. Quotes that Inspire Me

  2. Compliments to Myself

  3. Less, More

  4. Mind Map

  5. Tracker

  6. What about today did I love?

  7. I made a mistake, what would I have rather done instead?

  8. What did I do to fuel myself?

  9. When I think of the word community, I think...

Quotes that Inspire Me: The quotes can be from a community leader, a famous figure, your favorite person, a coach, teacher, it can even be from your favorite movie or song. Here are two quotes that inspire me:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Tell me who you hang around with, I'll tell you who you are. -Tia Luisa

The first quote by MLK is an inspiring quote that reminds me to be kind even when kindness is not shown to me. It holds me accountable in such a real (and challenging way).

The second quote was one my Aunt Luis would often tell me and my cousins when we were younger. Time is such a luxury and positivity is contageous. It is great to interact with people both similar and different than us, but regardless of how many commonalities we may have , surround yourself with those that inspire you and those you want to be more like.

2. Compliments to Myself: It is quite easy to look at a friend and create a long list of compliments, however, when it comes to yourself, you hesitate. In nice big letters, add Compliments to Myself and list your favorite attributes, your favorite accomplishments, your favorite anything about yourself. Starting with I am, I can, I have, I help, I create etc. This journal entry will not only help boost your mood, but it will also help you feel more confident. So put a smile on your face and start that list.

3. Less, More. More, Less.

Bring the edge of your paper towards the seem of your notebook. Once your paper is folded in half, open it up and draw two large arrows. One pointing down (label it LESS), the other pointing up (label it MORE). Make sure the arrows are tall and wide so that you can write your list inside the arrows. Think about: what do you do now that you want to do more of or have more of? What do you do now that you want to do less of or have less of? Fill in your arrows with words, art, or drawings.

When you have a lot to do and want to change up the look of your to-do list, try this journal entry. Get your markers to brighten up your list. Think of a few categories that need some attention today, tomorrow, or this week. Under each category jot down a few things that must get done.

Make a plan

5. Tracker

We all have goals. The best way to reach them is to see what we have done to reach them. One simple goal I have is to walk 3 times a week, read more, and continue to be healthy. What do you want help with? Trackers help give you a quick answer: Have I done this? Which weeks did I accomplish this? Am I consistent? The tracker can also provide a quick glance for important information, such as self care days, or period regualarity. Really anything!

Am I reading?

When should I plan my next hike?

Am I committed?

6-9. Write down the prompts using your best handwriting and come back to them whenever you feel stuck or unsure of what to write in your journal.

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