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Our Team.

Similar to the saying "it takes a village to raise a child," I say "it takes a community to build a business." Below, you will find my Favorite SB. These Small Businesses help build me up with generosity, encouragement, training, products, motivation, support, collaborations, and all good things!

The Barn Cafe on Grant Line Rd. Explore Elk Grove

The Barn Cafe is a family restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Visit their menu page and see the large selection of entries.  Enjoy dining inside or out.


Beth is a very experienced, high energy, and skilled photographer, She is all about doing the best job possible. 

Thye Bask farm located in Wilton, Ca

Bask Farm grows heirlooms, microgreens, herbs, botanicals, and edible flowers year-round in rich soil, without the use of synthetic inputs or pesticides.

choc fish.jpg

CFCR is a Sacramento based Coffee Roaster and Retailer. Known for choosing producers who are as passionate about growing coffee as they are about Roasting and Brewing.

Kulture BC.webp

A locally owned shop that has beautiful art, apparel, and Mexican imports.

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