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The hummingbird symbolizes my maternal grandmother, Socorro Madrigal, a strong woman who plays an essential role in my life.

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People have different strategies when in doubt. Whenever I am in doubt, I pray. In missing my grandmother, I prayed for a sign to solidify that she was still around me. You see, I kept seeing hummingbirds whenever I thought of her or missed her. And when you miss someone you long to feel their presence.

One day, I was doubting whether the hummingbird was truly a sign or not, so I began to pray. I asked God for a clear sign. I made my bed and went to open the shutters to the window, there facing me was a hummingbird. I saw it. I felt it. It was clear. As the hummingbird stared at me and flapped its wings about 53 beats (or so) per second, I was reassured that my grandmother is and will always be around.

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