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Specailty coffee. gourmet coffee.
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A simple and delcious choice:

Plant-based beverages all day every day.






We are currently booked up for the year, many are private events, but you can find us out in the community here



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Serving our Community
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You (yes you!) are supporting your community

Every time you purchase a drink, you support Chicks in Crisis' mission to help families cross the finish line, focusing on helping parents find hope and strength to better themselves and therefore become capable parents who can function in society without the assistance of government programs.

Plants and Coffees

About Us

Connecting with others to create the best experience for you

It all started when one door closed...

I had to learn how to build a new door, a new door that came attached to a coffee trailer. I knew I could partner with other small businesses to create something special for my customers while showing my appreciation for the community.

Sustainability and fair business practices are very important and I take that into consideration as I create partnerships. To match my love for community and to create an immensely satisfying experience for you, I chose a local roaster and local bakers with the same desire.

Giving a percentage of my profits back to those in need is a top priority. Balance Me Out allows me to partner with you to give back to the community with every cup. 

Creating handcrafted drinks for you is my honor. See you soon!

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Plants and Coffees

Created for people who want to stay fueled

Balance Me Out will handcraft you a fresh cup of coffee with locally roasted beans that encompass semi sweet dark chocolate, notes of caramel, orange acidity, and a lush creamy mouthfeel. From the classic Americano to the more unusual (yet delicious!) plant based lattes with chia seeds, coffee lemonade, and refreshing mocktails-

you can easily find your preferred drinks here.  



You have been enjoying them all your life

A good amount of people have a sensitivity or an intolerance to dairy, making plant based beverages a welcome alternative. Every drink we make is made with oat milk and there are other plant based beverage options such as almond milk. There's even a unique blend of cashews, oats, and hazelnut's that goes so well in the PERFECT BALANCE

Drink of the Month
cold brew plus oat.jpg


Japanese-style flash brew that captures all the complex flavor of award-winning espresso. Feel free to add a splash of oat milk if you can't handle the strong, dark depths of this drink.

Nancy Guzman. Woman owned. small business. local business. coffee near me. coffee trailer. sac state alumni.


We all need Balance

I have learned that when your body yearns for something it is because it has an unmet need, for me it was in dire need of community, connection, and space to be creative. It was also in need of some delicious coffee. Balance Me Out has brought me back into balance and I believe it can do the same for you. 

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