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Elk Grove City Hall Menu

available every Wednesday from 8AM - 11AM
 8401 Laguna Palms Way

Using high quality, ethically sourced ingredients, Balance Me Out delivers extraordinary drinks with less sugar and more flavor.  These drinks impress those that try it for the first time, and satisfy those that return.  You will find yourself returning often.

If you ever want to treat your guests to something extra special, you can always click reserve now to find out how.

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Matcha Latte

Ceremonial grade matcha infused with honey and oat milk steamed to the perfect temperature.

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The 1908

A best-seller latte that's infused with dates and wild with orange. 

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A latte that contains an entire cascade of stimulation for your brain and taste buds. Don't ask me how I make it, it's a secret recipe.

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The Elk

Hot Chocolate

This hot drink is like nothing you have ever tasted. An americano-style drink topped with a dreamy, creamy, citrusy microfoam.

Using single origin organic cacao, this creamy hot chocolate is a fan favorite. 

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Peppermint Mocha

Rich dark chocolate with steamed oat milk and candy cane tones.

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Cinnamon Love

A creamy oat milk latte that highlights the sweet and spicy elements of organic cinnamon.

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Flat White 8oz

An espresso forward drink made with a small amount of steamed oat milk and a thin layer of microfoam.

The menu may change, but the high quality ingredients remain intact.

It is an honor to serve the Elk Grove community.

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