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Fall Menu

available at select locations throughout Fall

Using high quality, ethically sourced ingredients, Balance Me Out delivers extraordinary drinks with less sugar and more flavor. 

You will find yourself returning often, and if you ever want to treat your guests to something extra special, you can always click reserve now to find out how.

Pumpkin spice latte. #PSL Fog Willow. Pumpkin Patch. Iced Latte. Healthy drink. Vegan. Plant based.

Fog Willow

Named after the best pumpkin patch around, the Fog Willow latte is made with real organic pumpkin and spices creating a mouth watering experience.

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Creamy Autumn

Real pecans and  double shot of espresso makes this oat milk latte protein and nutrient rich. 

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Sunrise Mocha

Rich dark chocolate combined with sweet citrus and  steamed oat milk. 

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A creamy latte that highlights the sweet and spicy elements of organic cinnamon.

Get them while they're in season

This menu is available through Fall

September - November

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